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For over 70 years, we have been a leading and innovative aluminum foundry, supplying customers in Europe, the Americas and Asia with aluminum and magnesium castings. We stand for first-class quality, technological excellence, precision and competent advice and guidance.

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Advanced Lightweight Solutions

Cast products for demanding applications

We develop and produce cast products for demanding applications, working together with our customers to meet the individual requirements of the components. For us, lightweight alloys are the solution for modern mobility – with aluminum and magnesium we develop your ideas to robust, safe and sustainable end products.

In addition to die casting, we specialize in processes such as thixomolding, which offers unique advantages when processing magnesium alloys, such as higher tensile strength and elongation at break of components. We shape with passion light metals in the aluminum die casting process and magnesium thixomolding in form at 595° Solutions.

As an energy-intensive company, we take the word Advanced in our name seriously. Since the beginning of 2022, our production has been 100% CO2-neutral. We have been certified by TÜV Rheinland as a climate-neutral company according to the test principles of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and have already made the power supply of our German sites completely CO2-neutral in January 2022 through a cooperation with European Energy.

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Lightweight has many faces

550 employees at 4 locations live the passion for light metal

At 595° Solutions, we have one thing in common: a passion for light metal. 550 employees at 4 locations in Germany and Romania manufacture products from aluminum and magnesium that make our customers' lives lighter. From digital planning to the finished end product, many bright minds form the heart of the company.

We offer a wide range of training and development opportunities as well as jobs in all business processes, a long-term human resources strategy and modern management methods. With flexible working time models, a company retirement program and other corporate benefits, we have provided a number of advantages for you. Because we are firmly convinced that we achieve more together as a team! Sounds good? Then take a look at our vacancies here:

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Environmental protection is safeguarding the future

Sustainable footprint in materials and energy consumption are not up for discussion with us

At 595°, we only cast aluminum alloys that are completely free of primary materials. This means that all our aluminum products are made from 100% recycled material. In addition, aluminum is about three times lighter than steel, reducing fuel consumption in many end products. If you consider the environmental impact of a product over its life cycle, aluminum is often one of the most ecologically alternatives.

The same applies to magnesium: although the material is not yet used widely enough to make it possible to dispense with primary materials, the material savings compared with aluminum amount to a further 33%. This means that components can be even lighter and end products even more energy-efficient. What's more, AZ91 magnesium alloy is 100% truly recyclable, meaning it can be downcycled into more than just low-value products. That's why we also fully recycle all our material stocks, as all scrap is immediately remelted.

Our German sites have been producing completely CO2 neutral since 2022. So we not only have a sustainable footprint with our materials, but also with our energy consumption.

Appear convincing, act with confidence

Prevention, recognition, action. Compliance obligates us.

As an international company, we are focused on social and societal responsibility. For this reason, environmental protection, sustainability and transparency are crucial values that accompany us every day. Our guidelines are listed here for everyone to see.

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Certificates and awards confirm what we do every day

Our international audits confirm the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our processes as well as our high product and process quality. Here you can view all certificates:

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