Our Quality Management step by step

From raw material to the final inspection


During our production processes, our Quality Management team ensure the quality standards of the end products through precise documented quality assurance. Using modern testing and measuring techniques, our experienced employees certify our products in defined quality gates from raw material to the final inspection.

On the test bench

Precise use of modern quality assurance and testing techniques

We understand quality as a constant and quality management as a continuous improvement of our processes, manufacturing and testing techniques as well as the final product quality. For this purpose we put ourselves to the test again and again.

  • Spectral analysis
  • Leakage test
  • CNC 3D coordinate measuring machine
  • Tensile-pressure test
  • Destructive sampling test
  • optical measuring instruments
  • CT research / X-ray
  • roughness measuring
  • Cleanliness measurements
Liste der Zertifizierungen