Flame-retardant Magnesium Alloy MgCarbonit91 and Battery Housings


To ensure the continuous development of our products, we have exclusively licensed the MgCarbonit91 alloy for the European market. It is both flame-retardant and mechanically identical to the commonly used AZ91 alloy. The addition of carbon particles also significantly improves castability compared to existing alloys.

Battery housings must both cool the battery and provide mechanical protection. We have obtained an exclusive patent for a manufacturing process that combines the advantages of aluminum extruded profiles for the cooling circuit with an overmolded housing structure. This process eliminates the need for additional production steps.

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Flame-retardant Magnesium Alloy

The currently available alloys are associated with high licensing costs and have mechanical properties that are inferior to the most common magnesium alloy, AZ91. We believe that our patented alloy is both flame-retardant and has significantly better mechanical properties.

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Battery Housings 2.0

The licensed process possesses both the mechanical properties necessary to protect the cells optimally and a flat surface to effectively regulate their temperature. Due to the manufacturing process, the housings are very lightweight, and additional production steps such as welding or gluing may be eliminated.

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