595° Advanced Lightweight Solutions

Passion for light metal


We produce aluminum and magnesium castings for demanding applications which we design together with our customers to meet their individual requirements. Light metal components make projects lighter, more modern, safer, more robust and more sustainable.

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Light Metal Solutions

Lightweight for all applications

Lightweight metal solutions are used in many industries – especially in automotive electromobility, medical technology and aviation. Our materials, aluminum and magnesium, are ideally suited to modern and forward-looking challenges, due to their properties and our processing methods.

Our solutions for all applications
All process steps with 595° Solutions

From product development to final quality management

595° Solutions focuses its process steps on the joint development of a component with the customer. The selection of the appropriate materials, the subsequent production, manufacturing and quality management. These services benefit from years of experience in metallurgy as well as innovative machines and techniques.

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The future is light

Thixomolding for the processing of the lightest metallic construction material

In addition to Die Casting, we have specialised in processes such as Thixomolding. Thixomolding is a process for processing magnesium alloys in which the components produced have the best overall mechanical properties, such as higher tensile strength and elongation at breakpoint.

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Career in lightweight construction

Get to know us as an employer!

Our employees make the company what it is. That is why we offer training and development opportunities to our employees and offer flexible working time models, thus promoting the further development of our employees and ensuring a good work-life balance. We are also available to offer opportunities for internships as well as Bachelor and Master Theses so that others may become acquainted with the world of light metal.

595° Solutions as an employer
Sustainability is also possible in metal processing

We produce CO2 neutral

In this very energy-rich industry, sustainability is particularly important. That is why we have been producing completely CO2 neutral at our German sites since 2022. We produce with electricity obtained from wind energy and biogas. To achieve our Corporate Carbon Footprint, the remaining CO2 equivalents for the calendar year 2022 (Scope 1 & Scope 2) will be offset by the REDD+ Project for Caribbean Guatemala. This project is committed to combating deforestation in Guatemala, promoting biodiversity, conservation and the sustainable development of local communities.