The material for particularly high demands

Magnesium: Small weight, big future


With a density around 33 percent lower than that of aluminum, magnesium is the lightest metallic construction material of all. Since the long-term trend is increasingly moving towards lightweight materials, magnesium is establishing itself alongside steel and aluminum, particularly in the automotive industry. Here, magnesium is especially more suitable for components, interiors, electronic components, display technology, lighting and sensor housings and battery components. Its suitability is also proved to be efficient in the non-automotive segment, such as e-bike housings, sports equipment, hand tools, mobile mobile construction equipment and medical technology.

Optimal energy and environmental friendliness.

Magnesium Thixomolding

595° Solutions relies on the innovative thixomolding process for production, which is characterised by an optimal energy and environmental friendliness. Components can be produced with the thinnest wall thicknesses, and with low porosities. Key properties of magnesium alloys:

  • Lightweight
  • Low density (two thirds that of aluminum)
  • Good high-temperature mechanical properties

Short cycle times and long tool life also make the process commercially highly attractive.

The solution for lightweights

Magnesium thixomolding: The alloy for all applications

Thixomolding is a process for processing magnesium alloys. Unlike conventional die casting, the material is not completely liquefied, but instead remains close as possible to the liquidus temperature, i.e. the transitional range between the solid and liquid states.

The components produced in this way have the best mechanical properties overall, because thixomolding allows components the combination of high ultimate tensile strength and high elongation at breakpoint, which leads to materials of high toughness. In addition castings produced in this way exhibit significantly improved oxidation stability and high resistance. Another advantage is that with thixomolding, lower temperatures are already sufficient to process the materials, and the alloys are fully recyclable.

In addition: With thixomolding, our name says it all. Because 595° Celsius corresponds to the
liquidus temperature of AZ91, currently the most common magnesium alloy! Our magnesium services at a glance:

  • Clamping force of the machines 850 t
  • Alloy AZ91
  • Alloy AM60
  • Non-combustible Mg alloys
  • Special alloys
Our latest innovation

The fire-resistant magnesium alloy MgCarbonit91, for which we have secured the exclusive license of Intellectual Property

Specifically, where components have to withstand high temperatures and high stresses, for example in engine applications, battery housings or aerospace, this alloy is very interesting. In aircraft technology, the components used must meet particularly high fire protection requirements and undergo a stringent certification process.

We are now take the necessary steps for the granting of the “Issuance of Special Conditions and Approval”, which will play a major role in shaping our Thixomolding future.

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